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Thanks to the Arnold Clark Savings Challenge:

8/10 customers lowered their monthly payments Piggy bank

How can you save money?

Increase your MPG

95% of customers who took the Savings Challenge bought a car with a higher MPG.

A high MPG makes your car more efficient, so you spend less on fuel. By increasing their MPG, our customers have saved around 800,000 litres of fuel so far.

Reduce your C02 emissions

85% of Savings Challenge customers saved money on road tax, by choosing a car with lower CO2 emissions. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is good for the environment and your wallet:

CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km = free road tax!

Lower your monthly repayments

We have lots of excellent finance offers available, so take the Arnold Clark Savings Challenge at your local branch to see if we could even find you a newer car that will lower your monthly repayments!

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If everyone of driving age in the UK - about 43 million people - took part in the Savings Challenge, we estimate* that we’d save the UK public £22 billion a year.

(But we don’t have quite enough cars in stock, sorry.)

We do have over 15,000 new and used cars on our website, so start your search now.

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*Ok, it's a very rough estimate! Find out how we got our facts.