Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The thrill of the new

For 106 years, Alfa Romeo has created masterpieces of design and engineering that have changed the way we drive. Today, the Stelvio represents a new benchmark of quality.

New heights of emotion

The all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio draws inspiration from the legendary mountain pass linking Italy to Switzerland, one of the most beautiful and challenging landscapes in Europe.

It has been designed to create a commanding driving position with a low centre of gravity, giving you a panoramic view and a feeling of power like no other SUV.

An SUV that breaks all the rules

The Stelvio offers a lightweight body structure, outstanding handling and dynamic balance, thanks to its innovative platform which it shares with the iconic Alfa Romeo Guilia. It perfectly combines the excitement of a performance car with the comfort of a traditional SUV.

Safe, but not afraid to take risks

Only the latest technologies have been used to create outstanding five-star safety features and infotainment. With a wide range of efficient yet outstanding powertrains and dynamic patented solutions created by our skilled engineers, the spirit and flair of Alfa Romeo is in every component.


Advanced technology

A set of leading-edge technical solutions to enhance your drive.


Class exclusive power-to-weight ratios and perfect 50/50 weight distribution for a thrilling experience.

Italian flair

Groundbreaking, distinctive design like no other SUV.


A range of powerful, responsive engines designed to delight