Arnold Clark

Lochwinnoch Primary School

'Get into Cars' Case Study

The furore of the Olympics has inspired Lochwinnoch Primary School to launch its own “Olympic Project” generously funded by Arnold Clark. The project aims to establish an area in the playground where children will be able to experience an array of new and exciting sporting activities.

This donation included the installation of a traversing wall, where the children of Lochwinnoch can rock climb horizontally as opposed to vertically, plus a quiet area to escape the ‘busy school environment’ at their break times. This will sport bean bags, chalk boards and wooden screens to partition the children away from the hustle and bustle of the school playground.

Stuart Brown, general manager, Linwood Toyota expressed his support for the Olympic Project, “It’s just great that children are getting the chance to experience new sporting activities in their playtime. Not only will it keep the children fit and healthy, it should instil a great work ethos in the children if they take some inspiration from the athletes participating in the Olympics.”

Jane Knox, Chairperson of the School Parent Council highlighted how the donation from Arnold Clark will help with the development of the project.

“We were absolutely thrilled to receive Sir Arnold Clark's generous donation towards our playground project, it will also create a lasting facility for years to come which can be enjoyed by current and future pupils of the school.”