Arnold Clark

Strathaven Balloon Festival

'Get into Cars' Case Study

Strathaven Balloon Festival is an annual event which takes place in the rural surroundings of Strathaven, near to Glasgow. The organising committee is a group of enthusiastic volunteers from Strathaven who are focused on bringing business to the community. The festival has become reliant on the generous donations from local businesses to allow the festival to continue, prosper and grow. Arnold Clark Strathaven Ford has cemented its place in the history and growth of the Strathaven Balloon Festival by donating £6000 to the calendar highlight.

Gordon McAllan, organiser of the festival has expressed his delight at the Arnold Clark donation; “The Strathaven Balloon festival team welcomes the company to the Strathaven Business community and is very grateful for Arnold Clark’s involvement, which enabled our hardworking volunteers to develop this years event with confidence.”

The festival was a huge success, attracting 6000 visitors to the small rural town, despite the weather being rather unpredictable at times the balloonists were able to fly their balloons over the undulating scenery around John Hastie Park in Strathaven.