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Buying a Car Seat

Buying a Car Seat

Children all develop and grow at different rates, some may be quicker than others, which is why it is imperative that each child is considered for a car seat on an independent, bespoke basis. Each child is different, and therefore the requirements of their car seat will differ from others.

  • Check the size and weight of your child
  • Find out which seats are/are not suitable for your car
  • Only buy a seat which carries the ECE R44.04 mark
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions completely
  • Ensure that the chosen advisor has trained members of staff
  • Ensure that the advisor will fit and check the seat
  • Make sure the seat is suitable for your child AND your car
  • Choose a seat which has simple and clear fitting instructions
  • Ask the advisor to guide you through the fitting process
  • Ask them to watch while you fit it and then check that it is fitted properly

The tips above are an overview of the factors that should be considered when purchasing a car seat. For more in depth information, visit the Good Egg Safety website dedicated to educating parents on buying a car seat.

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