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New Driver Guide 2014

Every year the Arnold Clark Group sells hundreds of new drivers their first cars, a time that is both exciting and nerve-wracking for the newly qualified driver. With a full driving license and new car comes independence and opportunities that were previously unavailable. The aim of the New Driver Guide is to make sure that new drivers are aware of the increasing amount of risks that young drivers are now subject to.

The Good Egg Safety New Driver Guides are available for the new driver to outline the risks associated with independent driving. As a responsible dealer Arnold Clark has a stock of the Good Egg Safety New Driver guides on hand to accompany any purchase made by new drivers, or those looking to begin driving in the coming months.

The New Driver Guide is the third edition of the Good Egg Safety guides sponsored by Arnold Clark, and the nationwide guide holds many an invaluable lesson to those who are soon-to-be drivers or have just passed their driving test. It will take you through a meticulously researched list of content including;

  • How to find the right instructor
  • Essential guide for acing the test
  • Lessons to be learnt after the test, including the risks of drink and drug driving and dangers of being distracted when driving
  • Buying your first car
  • How to reduce your insurance premiums
'L' plates

The New Driver Guide is the complete guide to getting your license and keeping it.

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