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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “I work in a shop and everyone who walks in says ‘oh new car, its lovely, where did you get it from? Arnold Clark. What was the experience like?’ I tell them it was excellent, couldn’t fault it at all. It was like they were just hand making it for me.”

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “The staff at Arnold Clark couldn’t have been nicer. They offered you lots of help and advice, talked me through every option that was available, about payments and all the different cars on offer. Picking up the car was great. I went in, filled out the forms and got my keys - I would give the service 12/10. It’s just made such a difference to my life. I’m really glad I went and thank Arnold Clark for helping with my car.”

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “My personal highlights from dealing with Arnold Clark would be the service I received. I was so impressed with how my car was delivered - it was spotless and looked brand-new! The finishing touches they add make it just brilliant. They also gave me the best interest rate I could find. I would say Arnold Clark has made me very happy – I love my car.”

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “What makes me go back to Arnold Clark is the fact that I am always treated extremely well. The staff know what I’m looking for and get me the particular car I want. The sales people are also extremely courteous. I have nothing but the highest praise for the way I was treated and the friendliness of the staff with whom I have dealt with for many years. I consider them personal friends now. I would rate my experience very highly; I cannot think of anything that would put me off buying from Arnold Clark. To sum up, they were absolutely wonderful in every aspect of buying.”

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “I felt I was getting a good honest deal with Arnold Clark. They are easy to use with great service. We’ve had no problems or difficulties. We trust Arnold Clark 100%.”

The Veitch Family
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “I would recommend Arnold Clark to friends and family every time as they are very competitive in the current market. Everything is explained to you – better than any other garage I’ve used. It’s not just a case of buying a car; you go in, have a bit of banter and it makes it a much more pleasant experience. As an overall experience I’d probably have to give them top marks. I go back year after year so that’s got to say something.”

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials It's easy to look at these cars on the internet and on the papers but where do you buy it? The person who's been looking after you for the last twenty two years. They make you feel special when you're in there and make sure you get what your looking for. Got a newer car and ended up paying less than what I was paying for my original one. We know when we drive out with a car that we're not going to have any problems with it so we're quite happy."

The Campbell Family
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "I love computers, everything about them. I want something that's a cute car, a practical car and an economic car. I did use the Arnold Clark website. It gave you a list of all the cars that were in that range and you could find the car that you really wanted. I really, really liked the budget calculator. You put in how much you wanted to pay a month and it gave you a range and it worked well. Oh it's made my life so much easier. The Arnold Clark website, it gets you to the cars you want very easily. One friend in particular is very jealous of my car and I said ‘Oh well just go and see George at Arnold Clark'."

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "The scrappage deal was too good a deal to miss. There was actually a further five hundred pounds off the deal - could you believe it? It sounded too good to be true. Even before the five hundred pounds came off as well as the two thousand, nobody could beat it and we were told buy a competitor "just go buy it" because they just couldn't match it. The whole experience has been excellent. From the start of the experience with Arnold Clark, to picking up my car, it was positive. I don't think you can ask for anything better, with the extra five hundred pounds off and the years free insurance."

Amanda and Scott
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials “Because we kind of knew what car we wanted and we needed a lot of boot space for festivals, gigs, weekends away etc, we went round the dealerships and saw what deals were on and Arnold Clark had the bestdeal to be honest. A higher spec car for a lower price. The fuel’s cheaper, a newer car as well, lower emissions, more than happy with that. Arnold Clark has definitely made us happy. Definitely.”

Sam and Nadine
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials

"I do love driving and I've always loved my cars. I have never had any complaints with Arnold Clark whatsoever. I have got far more then I could ever have dreamed of, and it's wonderful. The experience has been great, my happiness is complete and my car is an absolute joy. This one is called Kris."


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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "We've had about fifteen cars since we started. I don't think we've bought a car any other place. We've always felt we were getting a good deal. And we got our new car for
not a lot of money."

James and Kathleen
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "I'm a compulsive shopper, constantly buy things. I clocked eyes on my little Street Ka and instantly fell in love with it. I can easily pay for it but still have my money to go shopping. I definitely recommend Arnold Clark, they offered me a great deal and I'm sure they can offeranyone else a great deal. They're trustworthy, reliable, very friendly and great for a first time buyer. It was a fantastic experience."

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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "We wanted a bigger car as we were planning on going camping. We always go up to Harris and we take the car with us. I took a photo on my phone, I sent it to my wife and she said "buy it now!" Same payments for a better car, it's ideal, you can't ask for anything better than that. I think six cars in nine years from Arnold Clark says a lot actually. Tells a story that we keep going back."

Kenna and Richard
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "My girly type car, I did love it, but it was time to have something sportier. We've always wanted a kind of sportier car with more spec. It was obviously something different that we've never had before, we were going bigger rather than smaller. Buying a new car is a kind of scary thing but the salesman made it really easy and really straight forward. He went out of his way to make sure it was more understandable. It's all about the alloys."

Kevin and Stephanie
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Arnold Clark - Testimonials "First impressions are everything really aren't they? They went the extra mile and if I didn't understand something they'd quite happily sit down and explain it. I felt at ease. I felt as if I was friends with them you know, not just being customer and sales woman."

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