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10 easy ways to cut your fuel costs – and save £350 a year

Cut your fuel costs with our ten easy steps

Did you know? Sudden braking and hard acceleration uses up to 40% more fuel

Did you know? Sudden braking and hard acceleration uses up to 40% more fuel

We all know the best way to save money on fuel is to drive less. Unfortunately this isn’t an option for most of us. In the past 12 months alone, the price of fuel has surged three times, leaving many drivers struggling to fill their tanks.

No matter what car you drive, our simple steps will help you save on fuel costs. In fact, research from the Energy Savings Trust has shown that driving smarter could save you between £300 and £350 a year!

  1. Plan ahead
    Plan your trip in advance so you know where you’re going to cut down on excess mileage. 350,00 tonnes of fuel is wasted each year by drivers who are lost!

  2. Get rid of clutter
    A quarter of UK drivers have admitted to using their boot as a permanent storage space. Make sure your car (and boot) only contains the things you need, as extra weight means extra fuel.

  3. Keep it steady
    Sudden braking and hard acceleration uses up to 40% more fuel - smooth driving with a steady speed saves fuel. Try to accelerate gently and keep your eye on the road ahead so you can anticipate when you might need to stop.

  4. Brake gently
    If you know you need to stop, try taking your foot off the accelerator early with the car still in gear. Keeping a distance of around three seconds between you and the car infront should help avoid sudden braking.

  5. Use the highest possible gear
    Changing gears as early as possible and using the highest gear you can will make a big difference to your fuel consumption. Try to shift up a gear at around 2,000rpm in a diesel vehicle and 2,400rpm in a petrol vehicle.

  6. Keep moving
    Stopping and starting uses more fuel so it’s best if you can keep the car rolling as much as you can.

  7. Turn off the air con
    Using air conditioning reduces your fuel economy, so turning it off when you don’t need it will save you cash. If you’re travelling below motorway speeds, rolling down your window is more economical. Once you reach motorway speeds, opening your windows will cause drag so it’s best to roll up the windows and use your air con in short bursts.

  8. Slow down
    The faster you drive, the more fuel you use so this is a good reason to stick to the speed limits. The majority of cars run at their most efficient at 60mph, every 5mph above this will lose you 6% of your fuel economy.

  9. Switch off your engine
    If you’re stuck in a queue and it looks like you won’t be moving for a few minutes, turn your engine off.

  10. Keep your call well maintained
    Get your car serviced regularly, as a poorly tuned engine could cost you up to 50% more fuel. Make sure you use the right specification of engine oil and check tyre pressure regularly and before setting off on long journeys.

Choosing a car with a high MPG will also save you fuel and therefore money. We have a wide range of cars that offer 60 MPG or more - start your search below.

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