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6 simple ways to keep the kids entertained in the car

Keeping kids entertained on car journeys can be challenging, but these ideas should help keep those little monsters busy

These simple ideas will help keep those little monsters busy

These simple ideas will help keep those little monsters busy

Keeping kids occupied on car journeys can be challenging even for the most enthusiastic parents. Research from Peugeot has shown kids will say "are we there yet?" just 31 minutes into their journey!

These simple ideas will help keep the little ones busy, turning your stressful journey into a stress-free one.

  1. Make Breaks Fun Regular breaks will give some much needed time away from the car. Get the kids involved by letting them plot the service stops on their own map so they can tick them off as they go.

  2. Gadgets Owners of cars with built in TVs and Playstations will be feeling smug right now but for everyone else, portable DVD players, iPods and tablets are a good way to keep kids busy – just make sure you charge everything first!

  3. Get creative Bring a supply of paper and pens and get the kids to draw landmarks they see on the way. If there aren’t any, you could set them a drawing project on something they’re interested in. Activity books and colouring books are also a good way to keep the creativity going!

  4. Games There’s lots of easy games that can be played on route. Try organising a game of car bingo by getting the kids to make a list of all the things they might see on the way. They can then tick each one off when they spot it - the first person to spot them all wins!

  5. Snacks Snacks and juice will not only stop hunger and dehydration setting in, but keeping a few favourite treats aside could be a handy reward for good behaviour…. Or a great blackmail tool if you’re feeling devilish!

  6. Let the kids plan their own car goodie bag To save you deciding what to pack, let the kids pick their own car goodie bag by laying out a selection of games and toys before they go. They can then pick what they want and put it into the car bag. This saves you stressing about what to take and means you don’t need to worry about packing it!

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