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Your Car Preview and Your Car Review: Personalising your experience

Have you received a personalised video from us when looking for a new car or as part of your car’s service? Read on to find out more about the videos we offer.

Your Car Preview and Your Car Review videos are filmed by our staff

Your Car Preview and Your Car Review videos are filmed by our staff

In August 2014 we introduced new app technologies in our branches to enhance our customers’ experience when either buying a car or having their car serviced.

We currently offer three types of videos; Your Car Preview, Your Car Review and a new addition, 360° videos.

This infographic will give you an idea of how busy we’ve been…

Your Car Preview

There are two types of Your Car Preview videos we offer.

You can either request a Your Car Preview video when enquiring about a car or we’ll send you a video when your car is at one of our Accident & Repair centres.

The video sent when you enquire about a car is ordinarily filmed by one of our product geniuses. The video is a walkaround of the specific car you are interested in, with our product genius highlighting its features. These videos provide an opportunity to get a closer look at a car that cannot be conveyed with photography alone.

Our Accident & Repairs videos offer you a thorough run-through of any work that needs done to your vehicle, with one of our body repairers explaining why.

Your Car Review

Your Car Review gives you an insight into your car’s health, with one of our vehicle technicians highlighting any areas that need attention and any work that has been done to your vehicle.

360° video

This is the newest addition to our video range, and is currently available at 20 of our branches.


When browsing participating branch stock, you’ll find the 360° video feature next to a car’s images on our website.

Once again, this feature gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at a car, which wouldn’t be possible with photos alone.

Customer feedback

So far we’ve had some fantastic feedback for our videos, with our customers gaining a greater understanding of a car’s features or work that has been carried out as part of their car’s service.

If you’ve received a video, let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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