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No naughty number plates, please

It might be a good plan to re-think your naughty or offensive registration ideas.

Keep it clean!

Keep it clean!

With the launch of the new 67 plate around the corner in September, it’s worth noting that as well as having a clean licence, the DVLA also requires you to have a clean number plate.

According toAuto Express magazine, the DVLA regularly clamps down on inappropriate or rude personalised number plates that might offend other road users.

Creatively minded car owners are prone to using combinations that are definitely not suitable to be witnessed during family road trips or nice Sunday drives with Grandma.

The DVLA meets twice a year to make sure that no dodgy number plates get through, and have scrapped everything from saucy innuendo and insults to the names of offensive weapons.

Of course, there are plenty of personalised alternatives that don’t lower the tone, although you might have to fork out a pretty penny to get them, with the most expensive ever sold coming in at over half a million pounds.

In all, the DVLA’s list of vetoed naughty number plates runs to 10 pages long and it really is quite amazing what eye-watering results you can achieve with a few letters and numbers between one and ten.

However, we’re far too refined and professional to mention any. Suffice to say that any 67 plate car you buy through Arnold Clark will be pristine, thoroughly regulated and 100% suitable for the whole family.

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