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Fun things to do in your car

Often, we think of our cars as simply a method to get from A to B. However there’s plenty of fun activities you need a car for and we’re counting down some of the best...

Take a drive to a remote location and enjoy some star-gazing from the comfort of your car.

Take a drive to a remote location and enjoy some star-gazing from the comfort of your car.


On a clear night before the moon enters its full phase, pack up your pick-up truck (or Corsa) and head for the hills to get lost among the stars. Download Star Walk or Sky Map to get real-time information on what you are viewing. Make sure to take a blanket and some hot drinks in flasks for chilly evenings. For a truly immersive experience, consider bringing a small speaker to play an atmospheric, space-inspired playlist. If time isn’t of the essence, you might want to plan a trip to Shetland to catch a glimpse of those elusive Northern Lights.

Watch the fireworks

Avoid the mud, crowds, cold weather and overpriced fairground attractions by simply staying in your car this bonfire evening. Prepare some snacks – we recommend getting into the autumnal spirit with some toffee apples, chocolate-covered marshmallows and pumpkin cookies. Now all you need to do is turn up the heat and enjoy the show.

Create your own carpool karaoke

Singing unashamedly in the car is one of life’s little joys, so why not make your Fiat 500 your stage and pick up your friends to enjoy belting out some of your favourite tunes? With countless Spotify playlists for movie and musical soundtracks, the possibilities are endless. If show tunes aren’t your thing, you can keep it fresh with the UK top 40. Sure, you might not have the luxury of picking up Michelle Obama, Will Smith or Adele but we’re confident you’ll still have a good laugh with your pals.

Go see a drive-in movie

Drive-in movies have seen a huge revival recently, and it could be attributed to all of the Grease re-runs Channel 5 like to show but we can’t be certain. Tune your car radio and dig into some popcorn as you enjoy a classic flick from the comfort of your car. Drive-in movies are shown in several locations throughout the UK including Glasgow, Kent and Manchester.

Get ready for a night out

Hang up your suit or dress above your backseat to keep it crease free while you earn your party tokens in the office and stash make up, perfume, aftershave and anything else you’ll need later in the door pockets. Use your (excellent) overhead lighting and multiple mirrors to create a flawless look while listening to your favourite party tunes. Alternatively, if you’re really passionate about getting ready in your car, you might want to consider purchasing a DS 3 Givenchy Le MakeUp edition – a compact car with a compact make up kit in the front arm rest!

Order at a drive-thru

Enjoy the novelty of minimal human interaction and accepting your food through an open window by hitting up a drive-thru for a snack. Everyone’s familiar with the likes of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC but did you know Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Costa also have drive-thru stores throughout the UK? Greggs, Globally Local (vegan fast food) and Tim Hortons also look set to follow suit soon, expanding your options.

Watch the waves on a stormy day

If you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, it doesn’t mean you can only enjoy it when the sun is shining. Jump in your car, pick up some fish and chips and head to a good viewing area of the beach, even on the most tumultuous of days. Chill out by watching the waves crash down whilst you stay cosy behind the wheel.

Drive through a safari

Hide your snacks, roll up your windows and get ready to get up close and personal with a range of exotic animals. These are available across the country in areas such as Prescot, Stirling and West Midlands. Blair Drummond in Stirling has a drive through where playful macaque monkeys will clamber over your car. You’ll be sure to have a memorable driving experience at all of these places!

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