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The best cars for driving on the motorway

Find out which cars can handle motorway driving

Many commuters drive on motorways every day.

Many commuters drive on motorways every day.

If you clock plenty of motorway miles or make epic journeys across the country for work or leisure, you’re probably looking for a car that’s comfortable, economical, and won’t leave you puttering along in the slow lane. We’ve rounded up some versatile vehicles that are efficient to run and make motorway driving a pleasure.

Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 comes with four economical petrol engines and two diesels, but it’s the 1.6-litre diesel that can pull out all the stops on the motorway. Add the seven-speed automatic gearbox and it will deliver a reliable 68.9mpg. Combine that with comfortable seats, a refined driving experience at higher speeds and a five-star Euro NCAP rating and your only concern will be whether you stop at the Welcome Break or zip round the KFC drive-thru.

ŠKODA Citigo

You would think a nippy little city car like the Citigo would be more at home navigating tight bends and squeezing into awkward parking spaces than going full throttle on the open road. But it’s a real all-rounder and doesn’t shy away from longer distance driving. With its well-insulated cabin, cruise control (on higher spec trims) and efficient 1.0-litre engines that work confidently at faster speeds, the Citigo really can go. You’ll have no trouble circumnavigating the car park at the services, either.

Toyota Avensis

Perhaps you’re looking for a used motorway cruiser that will hold onto its value? Designed with fleet buyers in mind, the Avensis is an experienced commuter, a bit like Liam Neeson in the film of the same name, but without the unnecessary drama and high-impact chase scenes. In fact, it’s super reliable and comfortable, with an economical 1.6-litre engine that can deliver up to 67.3mpg, plus it feels huge inside thanks to its curvaceous build. You’ll have to do without smartphone connectivity, but on the Business Edition, there’s a raft of safety features, LED headlights and touchscreen technology, including DAB radio.

BMW 5 Series saloon

If your budget can stretch all the way to a BMW, long journeys will never be an issue again. Loved by business commuters and premium car enthusiasts alike, the 5 Series – especially when equipped with the excellently refined 520d diesel engine – glides down the motorway with the grace of an extremely fancy dolphin. Bored of being at the controls? This executive saloon can chauffeur you instead, thanks to its Driving Assistant Plus technology. Of course, the floating touchscreen controls and leather trim make everything very pleasant, too.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is the very definition of a good, solid choice. It’s the go-to car. It can do no wrong. Like chicken tikka masala, Tom Hanks or a nice cup of tea, it’s a perennial favourite. Here’s why. It can easily handle anything from a stop-start trip in town to an achingly long journey. Everything is well designed, from Volkswagen’s engines and suspension to leading-edge safety and infotainment systems. Yet there’s more to this reliable family hatchback than meets the eye. Choose the 2-litre diesel, which goes from 0–62mph in 8.6 seconds and returns around 67.3mpg, and you’ll be cruising happily down the autobahn forever.

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