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Why do you need your air conditioning recharged?

It's essential your air conditioning and climate control are regularly maintained.

Keep cool with regular air con maintenance

Keep cool with regular air con maintenance

It’s easy to take your car’s air conditioning or climate control for granted. (It’s a breeze, in fact.)

But when it stops working as efficiently as it should, it can mean an icy blast of cold reality when you’re faced with leaks and unpleasant odours emanating from the vents. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to have your air con serviced on a regular basis.

It loses its cool

Your car’s air con uses a compressor filled with refrigerant to cool down the air, and just like your oil or washer fluid, it needs regular top-ups to keep it working efficiently. If there’s too little refrigerant, the system allows air and moisture into the compressor shaft. The system’s seals then can fail, causing leaks and eventually eroding pipework. That’s why your air conditioning has a recommended recharge date every few years, which is when the whole system should be re-gassed and cleaned. If you’re not sure whether you need a top-up, why not bring your car in for a free air con check?

A healthy system keeps fuel costs down

Efficient air conditioning can, believe it or not, stop you sweating over your fuel bills. When the air con refrigerant dips to a lower level, the air conditioning system starts to work overtime to produce colder air. How does it do it? By guzzling fuel.

It’ll keep you healthier, too

By avoiding the build-up of bacteria which comes from a faulty system, you can avoid allergic reactions and sore throats. And in warmer weather, fully functioning air conditioning means that you’ll continue to be fully functioning behind the wheel.

Your manufacturer recommends it

As air con is still considered an optional extra, the DVSA don’t include it in your annual MOT. However, following your service plan to the letter is always the path to happiness (and a nice price) when it comes to selling your car, and manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning is serviced every two years.

You’ll avoid smelly air con syndrome

While this isn’t a scientifically proven medical condition, moisture can easily build up in your air con system which translates into a nasty mildewed smell and damp, stale air circulating around the cabin. So instead of putting up with Eau de Wet Dog every time you turn on the air conditioning, choose regular servicing to keep your car’s interior smelling fresh as a daisy.

Air con isn’t just for summer

Many cars now have climate control as standard, ensuring optimum comfort all year round, which relies on your air conditioning working properly. So even when the weather isn’t warm enough to separate you from your winter coat, it’s still working away behind the scenes. You also use it to de-mist your window in winter, which keeps you safe, and it guards against fatigue and allergies on long journeys. So give your AC some TLC. OK?

Why not find out more about our air conditioning servicing and breathe some new life into your car?

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