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Cars that are exempt from London’s congestion charge

These cars are exempt from London’s congestion charge system, so they’re guaranteed to save you money when driving in the city.

London's congestion charges start at £11.50 per day

London's congestion charges start at £11.50 per day

The London congestion charge affects those wanting to travel in specific London zones between 7am and 6pm. For people living and working in London this can have significant financial implications as the charges start at £11.50 per day!

Not to mention the environmental implications. This year, London had reached its legal air pollution limits by February. With stories like these in the press, people are beginning to question the safety of the air we are breathing. As a result, many are now looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. And what better way to do this than by switching to a lower-emission vehicle?

You may not know that the congestion charges can be avoided. Vehicles with emissions below 75g/km CO2 are exempt as well as fully electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell cars and some efficient hybrids. Not only are these congestion charge-free cars, they also offer free road tax, making them the best cars for driving in London.

Remember! You must register your car with transport for London before the congestion charges can be waived.

Congestion-free cars to suit every budget

Hybrid cars

A hybrid is the perfect solution for anybody who is considering an electric vehicle but is worried about range anxiety. The electric motor is complemented by a petrol or diesel engine, which uses fuel for power once the electric motor runs out of charge.

BMW 3 Series Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota Prius

Electric cars

Electric vehicles are more efficient than hybrid cars because they use no fuel at all and rely solely on battery power.

BMW i3

Renault Zoe

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