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New 1.0L engine for the Vauxhall ADAM (and the same range of riotous colour choices)

With a new engine option available for the ADAM, we look at the interesting names of the car's colour choices... from James Blonde to The Greyfather

The Vauxhall ADAM has so many options, there are more than a million unique combinations

The Vauxhall ADAM has so many options, there are more than a million unique combinations

The Vauxhall ADAM, which Vauxhall describes as a car ‘like no other’, allows drivers and car buyers to create a bespoke vehicle, with over 1 million variants to choose from, including colours and specifications. Vauxhall say they are sure that “everyone will just love creating their own ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM or ADAM SLAM.”

To add to the already extensive options and variations of the ADAM GLAM, JAM and SLAM models, Vauxhall has announced that they will be adding a 1.0 litre, three-cylinder, turbo-charged petrol engine model to the popular ADAM fleet, available from January 2014.

The new engine, which promises to produce a maximum of 113.6 BHP, is said to represent a 20% improvement on fuel efficiency compared to the 1.6 litre engine of the Astra model.

The new 1.0 litre engine model will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and will be in UK showrooms from January 2014.

You can create your bespoke ADAM online at the ADAM website where you can pick mirror covers, roof colours, wheel trims, pedal designs and trim colours to name but a few of the 1 million variants, creating your unique car, perfect for you. (You can then order your ideal car from one of our Vauxhall dealers across the UK).

Riotous Colours

Vauxhall has decided not to name their colour variants as bog standard red, blue or yellow. Think music and movie tributes, plays on words and ‘outside the box’ colour names, with Red, Peach, Yellow and Blue starring as musical hits Red ‘n’ Roll, Papa Don’t Peach, James Blonde and Pump up the Blue.

Vauxhall hasn’t forgotten some of the all-time great movies in their ‘riotous colours’ naming convention (Vauxhalls words, not ours!): Saturday White Fever, The Greyfather, Greenspotting and A Star is Brown. Very creative and different, which follows the ‘bold stance’ of the ADAM.

Start the search for your bespoke Vauxhall ADAM now.

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