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Mercedes-Benz van is transformed to resemble a luxury hotel room

Luxury van customisation company Lexano Motorcars have transformed a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van into a super-luxurious pad

The interior of The Reale is kitted out with super-luxurious touches

The interior of The Reale is kitted out with super-luxurious touches

Lexano Motorcars have given a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van a luxury makeover that would meet the standards of even the most demanding celebrities. ‘The Reale’ is the latest addition to Lexano Motorcars’ internationally recognized range of customized luxury coaches, and is designed to cater for those who demand ridiculous levels of comfort when they travel.

The interior is lined with Alcantara suede (we’re not totally sure what this is, but it sounds like something we want), has handcrafted leather seats, a galley kitchen and a luxury lavatory (with a gold plated sink and a marble floor). Oh, and for added peace of mind, the whole vehicle is armoured.

If this doesn’t quite meet your travel standards, Lexano Motorcars offer a full customisation service so clients can ‘create their own ideal environments.’ Prices for the Reale start at $450,000 and can increase depending on each client’s requirements.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter The interior of the Reale before it had a luxury makeover

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter The galley kitchen

Mercedes-Benz SprinterThe bathroom even has a gold-plated sink

We’ve got a wide range of people carriers, which may not have gold-plated sinks but do have a great range of practical features.

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