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Motorcaravan company staff create their ideal camper van from a VW T2

'Project 1' by Danbury Motorcaravans in Bristol features some pretty cool spec - would you part with £50,000 for it?

Project 1 is a revamped Volkswagen T2, complete with Porsche alloys and tinted windows

Project 1 is a revamped Volkswagen T2, complete with Porsche alloys and tinted windows

The good folk at Danbury Motorcaravans probably get a lot of job satisfaction. Based in Bristol, they convert VW Caddys, VW T5s and VW T2s into a “fabulous range of small to mid-sized motorcaravans.” They will allow customers to specify what features they’d like in their caravan – and also come up with some of the ideas themselves.

Pimp my ride?

Staff at Danbury were asked to come up with their notions of a dream campervan – and then the team got to work. ‘Project 1’ is a one-off, pimped-out version of the Volkswagen T2, complete with the usual features of a campervan – galley kitchen, seats and a bed – but it also has some pretty extravagant extras.

An electronically-folding 32” Sony Bravia flatsreen TV, three electric sunroofs, carbon effect door panels, four swivel chairs, a special dashboard and Porsche alloy wheels grace the van, which also has HID headlights, a rear view camera, GPS, privacy glass, custom paint work and a hidden king-size bed. The chassis has also been lowered for that gangsta feel.

Fancy living the high life in the Project 1? It will set you back £54,999. To put it in perspective, you could get a brand new BMW X5 for that price. What would you opt for?

Photos of 'Project 1'

Danbury Motorcaravan's Project 1 - The VW Campervan Project 1 is a modified VW campervan, with Porsche alloys and two televisions Danbury Motorcaravan's Project 1 - Interior The galley kitchen features a sink, fridge and cooker Danbury Motorcaravan's Project 1 - Interior with seats Special seats are used throughout the campervan; 4 have seatbelts Danbury Motorcaravan's Project 1 - Interior with bed The camper van even has a king size bed that extends to six feet

Like an ice cream van?

Comments on the Daily Mail website suggest that some people aren’t particularly taken with the customised creation, with some calling it “ugly” and “like an ice cream van.” The interior arrangements have baffled online readers, who bemoan the lack of a decent living space. “Why aren’t the back seats a convertible bench to bed get up?” asks one commenter. You can’t please them all! You can let us know what you think on our Twitter or Facebook page.

Other stuff from Danbury Motorcaravans

Danbury Motorcaravans VW desk Other cool stuff from Danbury includes a desk made from the bottom half of a VW campervan

Danbury Motorcaravans, who usually sell the VW T2 for £26,999, have taken on various customisation challenges over the years, such as the VW campervan desk in their reception. Their vans have even been used on video shoots for The Saturdays and they have lots of great pictures on their Facebook page - including a lot of happy customers posing with their new motorcaravans.

We don't have campervans but we do have people carriers and a wide range of other Volkswagen cars.

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