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Olympian Michael Jamieson shares tips with local Glasgow children

Local children learn a thing or two from Olympic silver medal winning swimmer, Michael Jamieson, courtesy of Harry Fairbairn BMW, Giffnock.

Olympic stars of the future? Michael Jamieson shared his top tips with local children

Olympic stars of the future? Michael Jamieson shared his top tips with local children

Scottish Olympic athlete, Michael Jamieson, showed the local children of Giffnock in Glasgow his Olympic medal-winning stroke through the water at the local swimming pool… and then went on to teach them a thing or two about becoming an Olympic athlete.

The appearance comes as two local businesses – Harry Fairbairn and Nuffield Health – proudly work together to provide the local community with a range of exciting opportunities.

Michael Jamieson in the pool at Nuffield Gym

Harry Fairbairn’s offer of a hands-on visit from Michael Jamieson, whom they sponsor, was well received by the local community. The day’s appearance began with a ‘meet and greet’ for the children and adults alike, followed by a Nuffield Health MOT, and finally a swim session with the local children.

Members of Nuffield Gym can see how they fair against an Olympian when they take the Nuffield Gym MOT, which consists of the following measurements:

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Resting heart rate
  • Cholesterol
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Blood pressure
  • Sugar levels

Michael won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics in the 200m breast stroke finals – an accolade that has led him to be announced as one of the ambassadors for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Michael is a former pupil of Glasgow School of Sport at Bellahouston Academy, so his involvement with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is very poignant for him and for the Commonwealth committee.

Michael will strive to instil a passion for sport amongst youngsters across the UK, and his platform as a Commonwealth ambassador is ideal for doing so.

Harry Fairbairn BMW in Giffnock brought Michael Jamieson to Nuffield Gym in a bid to excite local children about the sports opportunities that are available to them on their doorsteps.

Michael Jamieson is sponsored by Harry Fairbairn Giffnock

Find out more information on the work that Michael will be doing with the Commonwealth committee, and view the projects that Michael and Harry Fairbairn BMW are involved in.

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