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Ford Transit conversions: One-Stop Shop

Find out more about Ford's One-Stop Shop range.

Ford's One-Stop Shop range

Ford's One-Stop Shop range

What is Ford’s One-Stop Shop?

The vehicles in this range are all built upon the same Ford Transit chassis, but all have different cab sizes, load spaces and payloads. The chassis has been designed to maximise efficiency because it’s strong and durable but still very lightweight.

Ford’s One-Stop Shop allows business owners to pick up a Transit that’s already fully customised. With stock available, you can choose from one of the pre-built body options and drive away in your very own converted Transit.

The One-Stop range

The Ford Transit One-Stop Shop commercial range includes the following models:

Three-way Tipper

Ford’s three-way Tipper means you can tip and offload to the left, right or to the rear of the van. The remote handset with wander lead gives the operator a clear view of the load when tipping, giving far more control over the angle of the tip.

Offering practical performance even in the tightest areas, this type of conversion is useful for sites with restricted space. The Tipper double cab can accommodate five people and has a payload of up to 835kg.

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One-way Tipper

The Tipper is available in several variations, with single or crew cab options, a range of diesel engines to choose from, and the choice between front or rear wheel drive.

Fitted with the most convenient tipper controls, this Transit conversion offers great functionality and practicality. The hydraulics are completely automated, meaning the body can be secured in its lower position without the need for the operator’s attention.

The Tipper’s clever design is reflected in its durability and reputation for being able to cope with the most adverse conditions and uneven terrain.

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With an internal volume of 600 cubic feet, and the capability to carry 7.5 tonnes, the Ford Luton is well equipped to deal with larger loads. You can choose from two versions; a standard Luton with a tail lift or the lower floor version, which gives you a bigger load capacity than a regular Transit with no need for a tail lift.

The design of the Luton’s rear shutter maximises headroom, which makes loading much easier and the sturdy retention poles can be easily configured to properly secure loads.


As well as having the option to choose between a single or double cab, the dropside is available in body lengths ranging from 2.9m – 5.3m, which will suit a range of industries and sectors.

The tubular steel headboard protects the cab and can also fix ladders in place. From fold-out steps to pull-up retention bands to secure cargo, the dropside is packed with useful features to make transporting and unloading easier than ever. Shop Ford Dropside

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