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Ford unveils electrified vehicle line-up

The new vehicles were released at the Go Electric event in Amsterdam.

The latest Ford electric cars were unveiled in Amsterdam.

The latest Ford electric cars were unveiled in Amsterdam.

Ford has announced an innovative range of electrified models at an exclusive event in Holland.

It revealed vehicles featuring hybrid power units that have the potential to enhance the fuel-efficiency experiences of drivers. At the Go Electric assembly in Amsterdam, Ford unveiled the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid version of its new SUV – the most electrified model ever created by the manufacturer. It’s the first Ford to offer powertrains with mild hybrid, full hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology.

The fresh Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid eight-seater was also given its global debut, offering pure electric driving ability alongside the freedom and range provided by a conventional combustion engine.

What’s more, Ford took the wraps off the new Focus EcoBoost Hybrid and Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid models. These cars feature high-level, mild hybrid technology for lower CO2 emissions, boosted fuel efficiency, and a more involving driving experience. It was also announced that an all-electric Transit would join the firm’s range of electrified vans in 2021. Made to supply pure electric momentum, the new commercial vehicle will support quieter, cleaner, cities and towns, as well as cut the running costs for operators and businesses.

Ford Hybrid cars and vans coming soon to Europe include:

  • Mondeo Hybrid wagon and four-door – with self-charging, full-hybrid, petrol/electric technology that provides a convincing alternative to diesel power.
  • Transit Custom EcoBlue Hybrid and Transit EcoBlue Hybrid – housing mild hybrid know-how to axe running costs for van operators and owners.
  • Tourneo Custom EcoBlue Hybrid – containing mild hybrid technology that improves fuel-efficiency for multi-seater people-movers.
  • Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid – kitted out with a cutting-edge electric powerplant using a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine to help extend the range.
  • Furthermore, Ford’s Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV will appear in 2020, with a pure electric range exceeding 370 miles and the ability to fast charge. Additionally, a one-off Ford Transit Smart Energy Concept ten-seater minibus is helping the automaker investigate ways to boost the energy efficiency and range of electrified automobiles further.

Electrifying the future

The event made it clear that Ford is dedicated to becoming a trailblazer in providing motorists with a broad selection of electrified cars and vans with straightforward charging. The manufacturer also aims to support them with heightened connectivity and associated mobility services.

At the beginning of the year, Ford declared that every one of its models introduced from the new Focus and beyond would incorporate an electrified alternative. This embraces new vehicles and the latest versions of the current range. Either one of or a blend of, mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full battery electric preferences will be available, providing customers with one of the most diverse line-ups of electrified choices of any motor manufacturer.

Capability and performance

Ford all-electric and Hybrid models employ a variety of technical solutions and powertrain technologies to match capability and performance. For instance, electric torque support from a belt-integrated starter generator will enrich the dynamic petrol driving experience for Focus and Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid cars by allowing higher power and fuel economy. For EcoBlue Hybrid vehicles, including the Tourneo Custom and Transit Custom, the technology is used to further progress the fuel efficiency of diesel engines. The Kuga Plug-in Hybrid unites a mains-chargeable battery, a combustion engine and an electric motor for outstanding fuel efficiency and zero-emission driving ability. It uses a power-split hybrid gearbox that unifies both power sources for enhanced fuel savings. The series hybrid configuration of the Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid and Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid further adapts the electric motor configuration and mains-chargeable battery – using a resourceful petrol unit just to recharge the battery, with no actual link to the wheels.

And the self-charging full hybrid tech used by the Ford Mondeo Hybrid can deliver pure electric motoring for refinement, especially in urban and stop-start driving situations. The powertrain removes the need for drivers to use an external power source to charge the battery – and with the option of a conventional drive, it removes the dreaded range anxiety. Charging solutions and connectivity

Ford's all-electric cars and vans of tomorrow will feature next generation connectivity for over-the-air software updates, and the firm is planning to set up charging solutions for its electric vehicle consumers. The automaker is a member of the IONITY group that aims to construct 400 fast-charging bases in primary European settings by 2020, with a 350kW charging capacity. This will create a considerable leap forward in charging times compared to current systems.

Ford will also collaborate with NewMotion to offer a one-stop solution for charging, using NewMotion's network. This covers over 100,000 charging points in 28 countries throughout Europe. Additionally, Ford has commissioned a smart wall box solution and will work with energy suppliers to give consumers access to electric vehicle tariffs and installation services.

Joerg Beyer, Executive Director of Engineering, Ford of Europe said: ‘There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution regarding electrification – every customer's circumstances are different, Ford's powertrain strategy is designed to help our customers find the right solution to make their electrified vehicle experience more enjoyable – and easier.’

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