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Four reasons why you shouldn’t delay your MOT

Although drivers have been granted a six-month extension, don't delay your MOT.

Book your MOT online today.

Book your MOT online today.

As you may already know, from 31st March the government announced a six-month MOT extension due to the coronavirus crisis. This covers all vehicles due to have their MOT from 31st March until 31st July 2020. Having your MOT done on time will become mandatory again on 1st August 2020.

However, although you’ve been granted a six-month extension, it’s not advisable to delay your MOT, even if you think your car is safe. Here are some reasons why you should make an appointment sooner rather than later.

Put safety first

New data from the DVSA shows that almost 1.1 million cars that would have failed their MOT during the extension period may soon be back on the road. What’s more, amongst that number, an estimated 316,000 would have dangerous defects, while 780,000 would have failed with major repairs required.

Usually, all cars must be checked every 12 months to ensure they are roadworthy. So getting your MOT as close to the 12-month mark as possible will not only protect your safety, but the safety of everyone returning to the roads in the coming months.

Remember, an MOT means a car is roadworthy on the day of its test – it does not guarantee it for the year ahead. As well as the safety implications, you may also receive points on your driving licence and a fine if you are caught driving an unroadworthy car.

Avoid the September rush

Even under normal circumstances, September is often the busiest month at garages with new car registrations – and workshops experience huge demand. This year, that issue will be compounded by the extension deadline and the added need for stricter appointment systems to maintain social distancing. That means that the longer you leave your MOT, the less likely you’ll get an appointment that suits you. Industry experts predict record demand come September, and this is likely to last through until the end of January. Booking earlier will help avoid disappointment or the risk of being unable to get an MOT before yours expires.

Spread your payments interest-free

According to independent research, one in five drivers said that they would delay their MOT until September to save money. However, at Arnold Clark you can spread your MOT and servicing interest-free, choosing from 6- and 12-month payment plans. Find out more here.

Delaying essential work can end up costing more over time. What would have been a small repair can quickly deteriorate and even cause other parts of your car to fail. An MOT identifies many of these problems, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Our Service Centres are safely open

In another recent poll, 37% of drivers said they wanted to wait until lockdown was completely lifted before getting their MOT carried out, due to concerns about the virus. Arnold Clark’s Service Centres are now open with stringent safety measures in place to protect customers, including online check-in, new appointment and socially distanced queuing systems to reduce waiting times in the branch, enhanced hygiene measures and disinfection of all vehicles before and after the MOT and sanitised payment processes.

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