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Take control of your business with FordPass Pro

Improve your business's productivity with the FordPass Pro app.

The FordPass Pro app helps you keep track of your fleet.

The FordPass Pro app helps you keep track of your fleet.

As the FordPass Connect modem is now fitted as standard across the majority of the Ford commercial vehicle range, it’s time to put that enhanced connectivity to work with the FordPass Pro app. It works with up to five vehicles, making it the perfect tool to give small business owners more insights into their fleet, help maximise visibility and increase productivity.

Secure your vehicles

With the FordPass Pro app, you can lock or unlock your doors and load space at the touch of a button, so no matter where your vehicles are parked, you’ll know they’re secure.

Start it up

If you have an automatic vehicle, start your engine using the app, so everything is warmed up and ready to go as soon as you are – perfect for those frosty winter days. This function should only be used if it is safe to do so and if the vehicle is outdoors and supervised.

Check your status

Whether you want to check how far your fuel will get you, AdBlue levels or even tyre pressure, the FordPass Pro allows you to check the health status of your vehicle to ensure every journey goes smoothly. You’ll even get an alert to tell you if something’s gone wrong or if an alarm has been triggered.

Don’t lose track

There’s no need for elaborate telematics systems to track your vehicles. With FordPass Pro you can check the locations of your vehicles and see their recent destinations plotted along a map, just to give you extra peace of mind that the working day is all going to plan.

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