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FORDLiive – keeping your commercial vehicle and business healthy

FORDLiive is an integrated suite of products and services designed to maximise the productive uptime on your connected Ford commercial vehicle.

Stay connected with FORDLiive.

Stay connected with FORDLiive.

Once registered with FORDLiive through FordPass Pro or Ford Telematics, users will have access to a range of support information to help inform maintenance decisions. This means that before your vehicle reaches the workshop, the required work will already have been identified along with any maintenance that can be done at the same time so you can keep your business moving more efficiently.


Stay ahead with smart support

Ford Commercial Vehicles fitted with a FordPass Connect modem can now benefit from a range of smart features that keep them running at peak performance.

When permissions have been provided, Ford workshops can access up to 60 days of vehicle health status, allowing them to provide informed advice, anticipate upcoming maintenance needs and reduce turnaround times.

Ford Service Pro

Ford Service Pro is Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Service Promise, committed to minimising downtime of vehicles and expense to your business, at your convenience. With this service, you’ll benefit from a suite of specialist capabilities including extended opening hours, same day inspection, Ford Express Service and easy to access online service booking.

FORDLiive Centres

At the heart of FORDLiive are FORDLiive Centres with dedicated agents connecting the Transit Service Dealer network with additional expertise, resources and vehicle health data. That means more collaboration to secure technical advice or parts required to keep your vehicle on the road, with a focus on maximising the uptime delivered to commercial vehicle customers.


UptimePro is the new alert system allowing FORDLiive Agents to monitor repair progress of vehicles. UptimePro monitoring is available from the moment a vehicle requests roadside assistance all the way through to the completion of the repair. FORDLiive Agents are alerted about delays in repair progress to help resolve any issues and expedite the repair.


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