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Questions about the brakes on your Renault?

Find out why you should get your Renault's brakes checked at Arnold Clark Renault

Visit Arnold Clark Renault to ensure your brakes are well maintained

Visit Arnold Clark Renault to ensure your brakes are well maintained

Brakes are key to your driving safety. At Arnold Clark, we offer great value for money, peace of mind and reassurance – for your braking safety as well as future resale value of your Renault car or van.

Questions about maintaining the safety of your Renault’s brakes? Read on for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How often should I replace my brake discs?

Brake discs should generally be replaced every second or third time your brake pads are replaced.

So how often should I change my brake pads?!

A reasonable question. Brake pads need to be changed when they are near their minimum thickness, to avoid unexpected brake failure. Replacing your brake pads before they completely wear to the metal brake pad backing extends the life of your brake disc, saves you money in the long run and keeps you safe on the road. Check them regularly for your peace of mind.

How often will my brake fluid need to be changed?

The amount of water in brake fluid must never exceed 3.5%. It is very important the right brake fluid is used, and the system is properly bled and checked for leaks. Brake fluid needs to be changed every 4 years on Renault cars and vans. There are different types available, which must not be mixed – so always trust Renault to replace your brake fluid.

What do “ABS”, “ESC” and “EBV” mean?

Renault has pioneered advanced braking systems, including an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Brake Variation (EBV).

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System): In the event of sudden braking, the Anti-Lock Braking System works on the front and rear brakes to ensure that the vehicle will remain steerable, retain directional stability and achieve maximum deceleration.

ESC (Electronic Stability Control): ESC lets the driver retain control over their vehicle under critical situations: avoiding an obstacle, loss of adherence through a curve, driving on snow, etc. This system acts on the brakes on one or more wheels and on engine torque, to bring the vehicle back to the line chosen by the driver.

EBV (Electronic Brake Variation): EBV distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels according to load. It adapts to vehicle loading and to braking circumstances.

Please remember that these systems depend on the brake fluid coping with high temperatures, and your brake pads and brake discs (or brake drums and shoes) working efficiently under high pressure and temperatures, to safely bring your car or van to a stop every time.

Can a brake warning light cause my car to fail its MOT test?

Yes it can. So, if your warning light appears, book your vehicle into Arnold Clark Renault. We use the latest diagnostic equipment, and we can arrange a while-you-wait appointment.

Get your Renault serviced at Arnold Clark to receive:

12 month guaranteeour work includes a 12 month parts and labour guarantee
Software upgrade checkchecked against Renault systems for free upgrades
Vehicle Health Checkpeace of mind regarding the condition of your vehicle
Car washed and cleaned returning your car in the best possible condition
Waiting facilities refreshments, newspapers and WiFi
Collect and deliver / liftultimate convenience while your vehicle is with us
Low cost loan vehiclewe offer cost-effective loan vehicles – booking required
Service plan quotationan effective way to spread the cost of motoring

You and your Renault car or van are welcome to visit Arnold Clark Renault for a free brake safety check at any time if you are concerned with your Renault car or van brakes or braking performance.

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