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Electric cars from a vending machine: China rethinks car rental

A groundbreaking new car rental scheme is underway in Hangzhou, China

These little electric vehicles can be hired for around £2 an hour

These little electric vehicles can be hired for around £2 an hour

Using the latest and most innovative technology, China has taken the idea of fast and easy car rental to a whole new level!

Motorists in the area of Hangzhou in China are now able to make use of a revolutionary car rental scheme that allows drivers to hire an electric car from around £2 per day – from an enormous vending machine.

The Chinese automotive company Kandi Technologies is the brains behind this bizarre idea, supported by the Chinese Government. They aim to reduce pollution levels within the city and improve the quality of life of those commuting and travelling throughout the area.

The vending machines will allow motorists to pick up a fully charged electric car and return it to any site within the Kandi network.

As China is looking to impose a ban on private vehicles being driven at certain hours of the day – and increasing the number of EVs on the road to 2 million by 2020 – it seems likely that car rental schemes like this could gain popularity.

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