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New Volvo ‘Roam Delivery’: get shopping delivered straight to your car

Volvo has revealed a new ‘Roam Delivery’ service that allows you to get shopping delivered to your car – all you need is your smartphone and a digital key

Select your car as a 'delivery option' and then use a digital key to give couriers access

Volvo has revealed plans to launch a new service that allows customers to get their shopping delivered straight to their car when they're not there.

The service is part of a wider package of ‘Roam Delivery Services’, which will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress this week.

How does it work?

The service allows customers to select their car as a delivery option when making a purchase online. The owner will then be alerted via their tablet or smartphone when the delivery driver is nearby. Once the customer accepts the delivery, a digital car key is activated to give the driver access to the car.

The digital key will cease to exist once the delivery is complete.

The system uses the same telematics functionality as ‘Volvo On Call’, which currently allows drivers to heat or cool their car using their smartphone.

Details surrounding the launch of the ‘Roam Delivery’ feature will probably be revealed at the Mobile World Congress this week.