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German airport installs robot valet

Say hello to Ray, the world’s first robotic valet.

Düsseldorf introduces new high-tech valet

Düsseldorf introduces new high-tech valet

Düsseldorf airport in Germany has installed Ray, a robot valet designed to take the stress out of parking.

The forklift-like machine can pick up vehicles from a designated area, and take them to an appropriate parking space. All you need to do is place your car in the designated area and confirm that the car is empty via a smart phone app.

The parking machine was designed by Serva Transport in Grabenstätt, as a solution for busy business travellers who don’t have time to worry about finding a suitable car parking space before catching their flight. Ray doesn’t need to start the car or indeed even get inside it, as the machine can just pick up your car and move it to a suitable space according to the vehicle dimensions.

With the ability to lift a vehicle over three tonnes in weight, Ray is able to cope with most car sizes.

At the moment, the cost for the service is €29 for the full day, which we don’t think is too bad for a hassle-free parking solution. What are your thoughts on Ray the robotic valet?

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