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When fashion designers and cars collide

When fashion meets cars – check out our top picks

Victoria Beckham for Range Rover

Victoria Beckham for Range Rover

Although they are accustomed to designing couture for the Fashion Week runways, the following designers have tried their hand at dressing up cars instead. Take a look at our top picks from the ‘fashion meets wheels’ trend over the years.

Hermes for Bugatti

Back in 2008, when Bugatti launched its special edition Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermes, we were pretty stunned. This car screams pure luxury, and we would expect nothing less from two of the most luxury brands in their respective markets. This Veyron includes a Hermes logo on the front grille and wheels and the Hermes leather finishing interior adds another ultra-elegant touch.

Victoria Beckham and Range Rover

In 2013, Victoria was appointed as the creative director for the special edition of the Range Rover Evoque. The Evoque displays classic Range Rover features mixed in with contemporary design, thanks to Mrs Beckham. It also juxtaposes traditionally masculine and feminine features in a creative way, for example the stony, matte grey exterior clashes with the rose-gold accents in the cockpit of the vehicle. It may not be as extravagant as the other cars on our list but it helped create 1000 jobs in Merseyside, which is always a positive.

Gucci and Fiat 500

This Fiat 500 is perfect for style-conscious buyers looking for something a little different. Customers can choose a Gucci Black or Gucci White body to encase the leather upholstery and metallic design inside. It also features a red and green racing stripe along the side – a mark of the iconic Gucci brand. Combine this with your Gucci alloys and everyone will know this is no ordinary Fiat 500. It was so impressive at Milan Fashion Week 2011 that it was taken to the prestigious Geneva Motor Show.

Lamborghini and Versace

The Murcielago LP 640 was unveiled back in 2006 at the Paris Motor Show. The slick exterior monochromatic colour scheme was incredibly striking whilst the interior featured Versace’s historical Greek Fret pattern. As if that wasn’t enough, the 20 models which were produced came with his and her luxury luggage sets so that you can travel in style anywhere.

Roberto Cavalli and Mini Paceman

Kitted out in extravagant gold and leather, this is the humble Mini like you’ve never seen it before. The paint work shimmers black or brown tones depending on the angle -so you’re essentially getting two cars for the price of one! The interior also comes complete with metallic air conditioning vents, demonstrating that even the most mundane of features can have some glamour added to them. Cavalli’s hard work was all for a good cause however, as the Paceman raised over £150,000 for HIV and Aids charities when it was sold at auction.

Check out Matthew Williamson for Rover, Paul Smith for Jaguar and Giorgio Armani for Mercedes-Benz for some more fashion inspired car delights!

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