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7 Bizarre Car Accessories

Our top picks of the strangest car accessories available

Carstaches – an undeniable sign of good taste

Carstaches – an undeniable sign of good taste

After stumbling across some bizarre but handy car accessories online, we decided to find out what else is available to car owners. Some may be handy, but these are mostly just fun!

Fries and sauce holder

We start with the fries and sauce holder. Now that is 100% a handy accessory to have!

The Fiat 500L, LavAzza coffee maker

This one is perfect for those mornings when you know making a coffee will make you late, but you’d be dying without one. Now you can just brew one on your way!


A very handy accessory available in Rolls Royce, and also Skoda (not just your standard taxi) is an umbrella. Perfect! Count the amount of times you’ve needed that trusty item, but had to throw your jacket over your head instead.

Drinks cabinet

When gun maker Holland & Holland collaborated with Range Rover they decided to insert a drinks cabinet into the boot. We are hoping this is for the passengers and not drivers of course!


If “Carstaches” or car eyelashes weren’t on the list then we would have been missing probably one of the most useless, but most popular and hilarious car accessories on the market.

Airless tyres

Non-air tyres would be great. No more punctures! Could these be the way forward, and easily the handiest accessory on our list?

Novelty exhaust pipe

Last and probably least – the exhaust pipe tube made into whatever shape you want, from love hearts to Hello Kitty shapes. This one has got us wondering what is wrong with the standard round pipe?

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