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‘Pimp My Ride’ cars: Where are they now?

We’ve uncovered 5 great facts about what happened to the ‘Pimp My Ride’ cars. Enjoy, dawg.

Pimp My Ride's logo was almost as funky as their custom cars

Pimp My Ride's logo was almost as funky as their custom cars

‘Pimp My Ride’ turned host Xzibit into a bankrupt tax dodger… but what about the cars?

We’re sure you all remember the mind-blowing extravagance that was MTV’s Pimp My Ride, where Xzibit and friends at West Coast Customs would take a car that was in complete disrepair, and not only restore it, but customise or ‘pimp’ it beyond all recognition.

The show usually tailored the customisations to suit the interests of the car owner, and the car was often unrecognisable by the time the West Coast Customs team were done with it.

Many of the cars were ‘pimped’ out with some of the craziest accessories that we still can’t believe anyone would actually need (chocolate fountain in the boot, anyone?).

After some serious internet digging, we have uncovered the fates of some of these extraordinary vehicles, and this is what we found…

  • Pimp My Ride didn’t fix any mechanical issues, the show just stuck to cosmetic enhancements. This was due to liability issues. So you might end up with a 'dope ride', but it might not be particularly road-worthy!
  • Probably as a result of this, most of the Pimp My Ride cars were sold shortly after the show. One guy who appeared on the show sold his car for $18,000, after paying only $500 for it prior to the show!
  • The people who featured on the show had to sign a contract that prohibited them from listing their final product on eBay.
  • Although the show made it look like the cars were done up in as little as a week, in reality the customisations often took up to 6 months.
  • Some of the crazier modifications such as the flaming tailpipes that were added to the 1967 Ford Mustang in Episode 106 had to be taken off as they were against the law.

And as if this wasn’t enough to satisfy your ‘Pimp My Ride’ curiosity, here’s another nugget of insider gossip regarding Xzibit’s persona, which came from Reddit user, Jake, who appeared on the show:

‘He was funny, but extremely mellow. I was expecting him to perpetually scream 'SUP DAAAWWWWG!!!' but that's just his broadcast persona. He spoke calmly and consumed Cheetos. Xzibit told me that he was going down to Hell later in the evening to kill the devil, because he wanted some new Satan Skin boots.’


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