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Honda e video review

The Honda e, which is available to test-drive at the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow, was reviewed as part of the FASTER Project.

The Honda e

The Honda e

A number of electric cars at the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow have been put to the test as part of a new web series.

Dr Euan McTurk of Plug Life Consulting and Ric Boullemier of Generate Media are part of the team at the FASTER Project

The FASTER Project plans to install rapid charging stations for electric vehicles in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

And to help the ever-expanding range of electric vehicles on the market, Euan and Ric have reviewed several of the 60 alternatively fuelled cars on display at the Glasgow Innovation Centre.

First up, the pair reviewed the Honda e, and it's fair to say Euan was more than impressed with the Japanese manufacturer's electric offering.


Inside the Honda e, the intuitive lay-out, including five screens and the option to select 'one-foot driving', left Euan waxing lyrical.

Not to mention the fun extras, such as the virtual aquarium, the living room-inspired interior and its retro wooden dashboard.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. With a battery size of 35.5kWh and a range of just over 100 miles, Euan was left a little disappointed. But the Honda e is still nippy - going from zero to 60mph in roughly nine seconds.

Prices start at £34,420, and you can watch the full video review above.

For those interested or curious about electric vehicles, Arnold Clark opened the Innovation Centre last year.


The new £5million site opened on Dumbarton Road in Glasgow’s West End in 2021 with the aim of educating visitors about the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles, and why they are becoming so important.

There are more than 60 vehicles on site available to test-drive, from plug-in and self-charging hybrids to fully electric vehicles.

You can also learn about the different types of charging and generous government tax and grants available.

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