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4 top apps to prevent texting while driving

Although texting while driving is illegal, it is still the cause of road accidents. These apps go some way to preventing these hazards.

Texting while driving is dangerous, yet many still do it. Image: Jhaymesisviphotography

Texting while driving is dangerous, yet many still do it. Image: Jhaymesisviphotography

In an age where we have our smart phones glued to our hands, despite dangers, many people continue to use their phones whilst driving. This is hardly surprising when there are apps that can help you find a parking space, apps that make your car smarter and technology that allows you to sync your phone to your car to listen to music.

Despite these technological advancements, taking your attention away from the road for even a few seconds can have potentially fatal consequences – but many still risk it to send that quick text. This has become an increasing concern especially with young drivers, and has prompted a rise in mobile applications being developed to help stamp out this reckless modern habit. Here’s a run down of the main ones:

1) txtBlocker

txtBlocker enables you to completely control when your mobile phone can receive texts and calls. You can set up ‘zones’ whereby your phone will be deactivated – for example the proximity of the school run or your journey to work. Not only that, txtBlocker also provides you with reports on your driving history, speed and past locations.

2) Textecution

This app is fairly intelligent in that it recognises when your phone is travelling faster than 10mph and consequently blocks the main functions and incoming data. It’s aimed at parents who may be concerned their child is texting whilst driving as they are notified if their son or daughter deletes the app. If you are a passenger or on public transport, you must request permission from who installed the app to approve the use of your phone.

3) Drive

Perhaps the most lenient of the apps we looked at, Drive reads text messages aloud to the driver in real time and enables him/her to reply with their voice – completely hands-free. Although this is arguably more responsible than touching your mobile, it still leaves room for distraction as you listen to your text message and turn your attention to thinking of a reply rather than the road.

4) A&AT

This app silences your calls and texts but allows for replies to be set up so that you can let your friends and family know you are driving. It completely stops the user from reading or typing anything making it very safe and reliable, however it does allow for access to music and five emergency call numbers.

Remember it is illegal to use your phone while driving, even if you are stopped at traffic lights or in a queue of traffic.

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