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How to decorate your car for Christmas

Get your car decorated for Christmas with these fun accessories.

Christmas car by Svadilfari 2.0

Christmas car by Svadilfari 2.0

Check out these ideas for getting your car ready for Christmas!

Christmas aerial topper

For a simple addition to your car, you could add a Christmas aerial topper for everyone to see as you drive down the street! They also come in handy when doing your Christmas shopping in trying to locate your car in the packed car parks. These come in various festive options, and fit most aerials. They can even double up as a table decoration too.

Christmas tree air freshener

For a fresh Christmas take on the magic tree air freshener, why not get a special Christmas tree shape to hang on your rear-view mirror? When it comes to Christmas car decorations this is great for a cheap and festive addition to your car! You can find this one on Etsy.

Reindeer vinyl decal stickers

Check out these festive reindeer vinyl stickers, available from CanoDesigns. You could stick one of these on your rear window and spread the festive cheer without being too OTT.

Reindeer car kit

This is a classic car decoration for Christmas and is always a winner. A reindeer car kit comes complete with clip-on antlers and a red nose for the front grille of your car. Check out how good this car from our Paisley Renault/Dacia showroom looks with its reindeer car kit! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more branch Christmas decoration photos.

Christmas wreath

Why not attach a Christmas wreath to the front grille of your car? This seems like an older American tradition, that was more fitting when cars had bigger grilles, but it is still doable, and indeed, many still love to attach a wreath to their car at Christmas. A small artificial wreath could do the trick. But watch out, a wreath could scratch the paint of your car, so make sure you put something on to protect it. Place some soft cloth behind the wreath and secure to the grille and the top part of your licence plate.

Mini LED Christmas tree (plugs into cigarette lighter)

If exterior shows of Christmas cheer aren’t your style, why not go for a small Christmas tree that you can plug into your cigarette lighter? It’ll make you smile every time you get in your car and is a great way to subtly decorate your car for Christmas!

Lights – illegal!

If you love a bit of bling and are a Christmas fanatic, it’s understandable that you’d want to take your Christmas lights to the car – but think again! While you may look like the coolest person on the road (ahem)… you would also be breaking the law. Under The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, you cannot have any lights on your car that would obstruct your view, or distract other drivers. You also cannot have any lights on your car that are yellow, green, blue or red, as these could be misconstrued as belonging to an emergency vehicle.

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