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Gear Up For Sport: How to win our Team Spirit competition

This year, we’re giving you the chance to show off your Team Spirit. Here’s how to give your picture the best chance of winning…

Show your team spirit and your team could win a cash prize.

Show your team spirit and your team could win a cash prize.

Gear Up for Sport is back for 2019! And to be in with a chance of winning a share of £3000 for your under 16s sports team, once again we’re asking you to submit a Team Spirit photo.

This year there are three cash prizes up for grabs for the photos with the most Facebook likes:

  • Gold: £1500

  • Silver: £1000

  • Bronze: £500

So, to win cash for your club kitty, we need you to give it your all. Remember, you have complete creative freedom, and winners will be original, funny, creative, inspiring, fun, or all of the above!

Handy hints and tips to help you get a great team photo:

  • Think outside the box; the winning photos will be the ones that stand out, so get creative!
  • Use effects when taking your photo to make it look quirky and fun. Why not try time lapse or panorama?
  • Do some of your team members have special skills? Show them off! Action shots work really well, too. (But remember; don’t try anything risky, we don’t want anyone to get hurt!)

What effects can I use?

You can use any effects you like! Here are just a few ideas that could help you get a fantastic team photo…

Panorama: Most point and shoot cameras (and smartphones) have a panorama setting. To get a great panorama shot, you should hold down the shutter button while you take the photo, and try to keep your camera on a level, so that the final picture looks like one continuous shot. Often keeping still works best with panoramic shots, but feel free to have your team moving too, to see if you can get some cool blurred effects.

Time-lapse: Use a tripod for stability if you have one. GoPros are great for taking time-lapse photos, but you don’t need specialist equipment. You just need to ensure that you have accurate and reliable shutter triggering. One-second intervals should be plenty for a moving team shot!

Composition: Think about how your team are positioned in the shot; is there something clever you can do to make a really interesting photo? Perhaps you could try and make the shot look symmetrical or play with the perspective by shooting from above, or below?

What you need to know

  • You must submit your entry by midnight on Thursday 26th September 2019. No entries will be accepted after this time.
  • Your photo must be emailed to with your name, your club’s name and a contact number. If you don’t supply these, there’s a chance your entry might not be counted, so make sure you include them!

Maximising your chances

Once entries have closed, your photo will be uploaded to the Team Spirit photo album on the Arnold Clark Facebook page on Friday 27th September 2019. After that, it’s up to you to spread the word and get people voting for you to win! The top three photos with the most likes win. So that means you have to spread the word to everyone in your friends list. But remember, likes will only be counted on the original photo in the Arnold Clark album, not on shared posts.

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Terms and conditions: All Team Spirit photo entries that are emailed to will be uploaded to the Arnold Clark Facebook page on 26/09/19 where voting will commence until 12pm on 11/10/19. Entrants agree for their photo to be used for marketing purposes. See full terms and conditions.

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