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Ten of the best family car hacks

Travelling in a car with children can be difficult at times, whether you are taking a road trip over the school holidays or just driving in general, these tips will help keep the car a quieter, more organised and less stressful place to be.

Follow these family car hacks to ensure your drive goes as smoothly as possible!

Follow these family car hacks to ensure your drive goes as smoothly as possible!

These tips can come in handy if you are setting out in your own car, or in a rental car as a family, it helps to be prepared on your journey.

1. Attach a canvas shoe caddy to the back of front seats for storage

Use an over-the-door shoe storage caddy with pockets on the back of the driver’s or front passenger’s seat to store toys and games for kids so they can easily reach them. Just remember not to fill it with noisy toys that could distract the driver.

2. Attach a shower caddy with suction cups to the rear window

You can keep toys or snacks in them and they are within reach for small hands.

3. Use a plastic caddy with a handle to keep food in one place

Ideal for those unplanned car picnics, this makes it easy to pass snacks around the car while trying to avoid crumbs or spillages.

4. Use a plastic cereal container as a rubbish bin

You could keep this in the front passenger seat or in the back for the kids to use, instead of the car floor. The lid stops the rubbish from spilling out when you turn a corner or brake. It also makes it easier to tidy the car after a long journey where rubbish mounts up.

5. Place dryer sheets in various places within the car

This is great for masking the smell of sweaty kids and keeping the car smelling fresh.

6. Cover your seats in bedsheets

If you are not lucky enough to own a top-of-the range Renault Captur, with removable seat covers, use bedsheets to cover the seats for longer journeys. Just remove and shake to get rid of crumbs or wash for more permanent marks.

7. Store chocolate in the air vents at the front of the car

This will prevent it from melting on warm days, and it will keep it at the front of the car with the grown-ups. (For portion control reasons of course.)

8. Use clean baking trays as a tabletop

Place unused, or clean baking sheets, or trays on children’s laps so they can be used as a flat service for drawing or playing. Metal sheets can be good to use with magnets for entertainment. (Best not to use on a sunny day.)

9. Keep wet wipes in the glove box

These are perfect for cleaning sticky fingers or spills, whatever age your children are.

10. Create a journey tracker

Use a piece of ribbon or string and a small tube to track how far you are going and how much of the journey is left. Before the trip ask your child to draw and colour in a picture of a car, if they are too small then do it yourself. Cut the picture of the car out and attach the car to the tube. Mark with a pen the number of hours your journey is equally along the length of string or ribbon. Thread the ribbon/string through the tube with the car attached and pin it up in the car where it can easily be seen. Just move the car along each mark when an hour passes, this will hopefully stop the age old questions of 'are we nearly there yet?'

Hopefully these top family car hacks will make your journey easier. For more great advice, see our nine road trip tips.

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