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Orium tyres – exclusive to Arnold Clark

Orium tyres are exclusive to Arnold Clark. Safe and affordable tyres from a leading manufacturer.

Orium tyres are an affordable and safe choice

Orium tyres are an affordable and safe choice

Orium tyres have arrived at Arnold Clark. These high-quality yet affordable tyres are exclusive to Arnold Clark. With Orium tyres you don’t need to decide between premium or budget tyres.

With Orium tyres you will not compromise on safety to get a better price, they offer safe tyres that are affordable. Safety features include a directional tread pattern with three wide longitudinal grooves. Directional tread improves performance on wet roads because there are more grooves on the inner side giving effective evacuation of water. Directional tread tyres also perform better when cornering at higher speeds giving good directional stability.

Orium tyres are produced in a factory in Europe belonging to one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers with over 50 years’ experience. Orium tyres were developed in 2013 and cover all key tyre types for summer, winter and for trucks.

Keep your eyes peeled for Orium tyres arriving in Arnold Clark Servicing & Repair centres fully fitted for only £28.

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