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8,000 vehicles a month clamped since October 2014

Thousands of motorists are unaware of tax changes and their vehicles have been clamped by the DVLA as a result.

The DVLA have been clamping more cars than usual.

The DVLA have been clamping more cars than usual.

The DVLA has upped the number of cars clamped this year to approximately 8,000 vehicles a month for misunderstandings over car tax. According to records there has been a 60% increase in clamping since 1st October 2014. Many motorists have been caught out by the new rules; that some are saying have been poorly communicated. The DVLA has been criticised for implementing two changes to the tax rules at the same time, and for not sufficiently communicating the second of these changes.

The majority of motorists are well aware that they no longer need to display tax discs on their windscreens, however many did not realise about the rule change in relation to change of vehicle ownership.

When a car’s ownership is transferred the car tax is non-transferrable, and vehicle excise duty is automatically cancelled. Previously, during private vehicle sales this was often advertised as a selling point eg ‘6-months tax and MOT’. Now, under the recent rules, the new owner of the car is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is taxed and the previous tax, however long the period was, is cancelled at the point of transfer.

Now all vehicle tax records will be available online and you can check your car tax status here.

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