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Perfect cars for the perfect picnic

Get your picnic basket and food ready, use the boot as a table, and have a car picnic!

Enjoy a car picnic with our top three car picks

Enjoy a car picnic with our top three car picks

Now we’ve officially entered the summer months, for many, thoughts will turn to enjoying the sun and soaring temperatures.

Those who make the most of the Great British summer do so in a number of ways – you may choose to visit a park, head off on a road trip, drive to the beach, or go to a festival; the list is endless.

One popular summer pastime, though, is picnicking.

And you may not be aware of this, but we’re currently in the middle of National Picnic Week!

Of course, when it comes to a good picnic, the food is the most important ingredient, but there’s much more to the perfect picnic than that.

For instance, location and weather are key. But let’s not forget about how important your car is too.

Not only can your car be used as a means to get to your desired destination, but now, many are using their vehicles as a driveable dining room.

These days, folks have abandoned the traditional picnic rug and sitting on the ground option for a couple of deck chairs and using the boot floor as a table.

Whatever your preference, it’s important that you have enough food to feed everyone and also that you have a car that lends itself to the perfect picnic.

So whether you’re planning on a traditional rug-on-the-ground picnic, or one that sees you repurpose your car as a dining room, we’ve decided to run down a few of the best cars for a picnic.

MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman is perfect for long drives out in the country. It’s spacious and incredibly comfortable, plus there’s plenty of room for all the contents of your picnic. And if you decide you want to picnic the modern way, the boot is spacious enough to double as your dining table.

The Countryman is perfect for a dinner party of four, or even just a couple to enjoy a picnic in the beautiful British sunshine.

Fiat 500 Convertible

Unlike the Countryman, this car is more suited to couples, and with its retractable roof, it’s well-suited to sun-kissed days. You can either enjoy driving to your picnic destination with the wind in your hair or you slide your seats back and enjoy dining in the car – still with the wind in your hair. Total flexibility.

It’s also great fun to drive, so the journey to your location will be an enjoyable one.

Volkswagen Passat

The biggest of the cars on our list, the Passat, is a true family car. With this car, not only can you take loads of food and drink with you, but you can fit any family pets, too.

With plenty of space and storage, this car is ideal for long journeys into the country with the family for the perfect summer picnic.

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