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How to survive the school run

Some parents breathe a sigh of relief when the term-time returns; others worry about the school run. Take a deep breath and read on.

Dropping the kids of at school.

Dropping the kids of at school.

Remember to set your alarm clock early and prepare yourselves, it’s time to start planning for the school run! Yes, that much dreaded journey is upon us…

The school run screeches chaos, more times than not, with every morning signalling some combination of half-done homework, improvised breakfasts and little ones running into class late. Why put yourself through it when you could enjoy a much smoother ride with the right preparation? Starting with the correct choice of car.

Switching to a family-friendly car can offer a sense of tranquillity and joy, which may only be understood by those who have regularly battled with the school run. In order to ensure a much more enjoyable journey we have looked in to the key features required from a car to achieve a successful school run.

Spacious boot

Playing Tetris with school bags, lunch boxes, instruments and the family pet may feel like a bit of a game, but most likely not a fun one. Having a spacious boot will become the most precious storage you have, allowing you to just chuck in everything without a second thought, (minus the dog, of course). It will also come in handy come the weekend for a family picnic.


Keep the kids entertained and out of trouble with a tech-savvy car. Regardless of their age, kids now view tech as a need and no longer a want. You can avoid one more strop through the wonders of a charge point, and a wireless Bluetooth system or DAB radio will guarantee to keep them happy. Here are some of our recommended digital channels.


Five doors are a must for any family car. Have you ever tried to secure a car seat and a child correctly through the front doors? Not fun! Even when the kids are older it avoids the hassle and time wasted with sliding in and out past the front seat. It might even avoid an argument of who gets the front seat.


From baby wipes to juice cups, there’s a list of in-car essentials the length of your arm. A large glove compartment and cup holders will help to keep your car clean and organised. One less thing to worry about, and fewer trips to the valeters.


Kids are becoming more vigilant and proactive in doing their part for the environment. Two birds, one stone – with an eco-friendly car you will be doing your part for the environment as well as keeping the kids happy. An economical car will also help you save some money, especially if you are driving the school run five times a week or more.

Although every family is different the above points are the essentials to consider when buying your family-friendly car. Every family is likely to have their own personal requirements, just remember to keep a list and don’t get driven to distraction by the car of your dreams, as it could soon become an impractical nightmare!

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Rebecca Kanagarajah

Staff writer at Arnold Clark