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The funniest looking cars ever

We've found some funny looking cars to hopefully brighten your day. From the mainstream to the ridiculous.

We even put a smile on his face.

We even put a smile on his face.

There have been a few cars on the road that make me chuckle and a few that would make you stare un-blinkedly in disbelief while catching flies. I’m not saying these cars will make you ROFL* (as the young’uns put it) but you might just smirk a little.

A stifled giggle

Citroen C4 Cactus

Certainly bold in its styling the Cactus stands out on the road. With its thermoplastic polyurethane Airbumps on the side panels it doesn’t look like your average family car.

Kia Soul

Chunky looks, rectangular-shaped profile and bug-eye headlights. Reportedly the senior designer of the Soul, Michael Torpey, said he found inspiration for the styling in a documentary about boars and it’s based on a ‘boar with a backpack’ according to the New York Times.

smart fortwo

In 1998 when the smart City-Coupé, as it was known as then, was launched it broke convention for its miniscule dimensions. With a height of 150cm, length of 250cm and width of 151cm it proves good things do come in small packages.

Renault Twizy

Another diddy offering, the Renault Twizy looks like something you would drive on the moon. You would definitely court attention if you were driving around town in one of these


Robin Reliant/Reliant Regal

This car with three wheels was powered by an engine at the front. The dirty yellow van featured in the British comedy series Only Fools and Horses is often mistaken for a Robin Reliant, however it is its predecessor the Reliant Regal.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

This Volkswagen Beetle didn’t start off that funny until Momir Bojic painstakingly added 50,000 pieces of hand-carved oak to it, as featured in our craziest car stories of 2014.

Bison leather covered car

In 2013 we featured a story about a Russian company covering a car in Bison leather to promote their leather-covering service, they also do boats and helicopters, not suitable for vegetarians.

Belly laughs

Pea Car

A 2005 Birds Eye advert for frozen peas featured a green pea car that featured as part of the ProMotion exhibition at the National Motor Museum for some time. The advert showed the little green pea car driving through the British countryside and falling to pieces as it went. How sweet?!


Created in 1936 to promote Oscar Mayer food products in the US the Wienermobile has to be the funniest car around. Still used today you can follow the 27-foot Weinermobile around the US or if you’d prefer to stay at home even follow the car on Instagram.

*Rolling on the floor laughing for those of you who didn’t know.

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