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3 smart ways to exercise even when you’re in your car

Did you know that you could exercise even inside a car? See these three smart ways to tone your muscles.

Keep toned while in your car

Keep toned while in your car

1. Abdomen

When working the abdominal muscles consciously and with specific intent, you could tone up the area and also help digestion:

  • Tense your abdominal muscles (below the diaphragm) for 15 seconds.
  • Loosen equally slowly. Throughout the exercise, remember to breathe normally.

Repeat ten times a day to keep your abdominal muscles tight.

2. Upper body

This is a simple technique that you can do when you’re waiting at traffic lights. It will simultaneously tone the triceps and shoulder muscles:

  • Raise and bend your right arm, so the palm of your hand is touching the top of your seat. Keep the elbow bent.
  • Slowly, bring your elbow in front and then push it back, still with the palm of your hand on the top of your seat.

Repeat 15 times with your right arm if the lights are slow in turning green, continue with 15 repetitions with the left hand.

Remember to keep an eye on the lights – you don’t want to hold anyone up!

3. Torso

It is very easy to get used to the same posture while driving. But if we find ways to make small movements and stretch, you will see multiple benefits: it will fight tiredness, tone your muscles and you will arrive at your destination hopefully feeling rested and energised.

A simple single exercise that can help relieve back pain and workout your back at the same time:

  • Keep your hips completely still and first imagine doing the movement before you physically do it. This will help you isolate the area.
  • Move your ribs and your torso slightly to the right (as if you are leaning to the right). You don’t need to move your ribs too far, only as little as 2–3 cm. Do this on the right-hand side for 5/6 times.
  • Return to your original position and then repeat on the left-hand side.
  • You can also lean forward as you do this to relieve back and hip pain. (A similar movement to how you would do a twisting sit-up.)

Soon your stiffness will be relieved as your waist and hips loosen up.

About the Author

Angelos Sfakianakis

Staff writer at Arnold Clark