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Hyundai Fuel Efficiency

Book your free Hyundai Fuel Efficiency Check

We'd like to help you beat the financial squeeze, with our free Hyundai Fuel Efficiency check - including a software update. As your Hyundai Authorised Repairer, we have the specialist training and diagnostic systems required to understand your Hyundai, and what makes it tick, better than anyone else.

Maintain your performance

Just as you need to download software updates for your home computer, it's important that your Hyundai is plugged in and the software in its engine management computer is updated too.* These updates will ensure that your Hyundai maintains a high level of performance and help you save on fuel costs.

To find out why you're miles better off at Hyundai, get in touch with your local branch and book in for your free Hyundai Fuel Efficiency check.

Make your pound and your Hyundai go further.

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*Only applicable where updated version of engine software is available for your Hyundai.