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It's like having a new car every day.

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Maintain your car at home

Keep your car looking like new with our range of Arnold Clark Protect products. Our products not only clean your car, but also maintain a beautiful, shiny finish for longer.

The range is available to current Arnold Clark Protect customers and to anyone looking for the best products to keep their car in tip-top condition.

  • Alloy wheel cleaner

    For sparkling rims, this powerful but safe formula is simple to use. Just spray it on, foam it up and your alloys will shine. Removes even stubborn marks without damage for a flawless showroom finish.

    £8.99 400ml Buy now
  • Glass and mirror cleaner

    This product effortlessly removes dirt, grease, tobacco haze and finger marks, leaving glass streak-free both inside and outside your vehicle. Contains anti-mist protection.

    £8.99 400ml Buy now
  • Tyre and trim dressing

    Clean and protect your tyres and bumpers and leave a durable ‘like new’ sheen while protecting against surface cracks.

    £8.99 400ml Buy now
  • Antibacterial upholstery cleaner

    Gently remove stains from fabric carpets and cloth upholstery. The cleaner penetrates deep into textile fibres and lifts stains to the surface, easing the removal of the most stubborn marks.

    £9.59 400ml Buy now
  • Bird lime neutraliser

    Safely remove bird droppings from car paintwork and soft-top roofs with this handy spray. Just spray on the soapy mousse, which neutralises acid and dissolves mess to wipe away clean.

    £9.59 400ml Buy now
  • Shampoo gloss enhancer

    Make surfaces gleam with this pH neutral shampoo that prevents corrosion and lifts dirt for a quick, easy clean. Enhanced lubricants will help your sponge glide across the paintwork to leave a glossy, streak-free shine.

    £8.39 500ml Buy now

Where can I buy Arnold Clark Protect products?

When you click on "Buy now", you’ll be taken to our parts distribution site to complete your purchase.

If you're looking for more information download our handy Protect leaflet.