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Welcome to Accist

Welcome to ACCIST

ACCIST is the free accident management service from Arnold Clark. We aim to provide you with a complete Aftercare package to keep you on the road. For further information please dont hesitate to contact our ACCIST team on 0845 270 1881.

Welcome to ACCIST

How does ACCIST work?

In the unlikely event of you being involved in an accident, ACCIST will manage the entire accident process on your behalf. Taking the stress, hassle and worry out of the situation to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Why do I need ACCIST?

If you are involved in an accident we will manage the whole process on your behalf. Accidents are stressful, worrying and time-consuming situations that can be very difficult to deal with. ACCIST is here to relieve that stress and get you back on the road. ACCIST will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and taken to an ACCIST approved body shop, we will deal with your insurance claim and liase with both insurance companies on your behalf. You will be kept informed throughout the process, giving you the peace of mind that professionals are handling your case.