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Save hundreds on road tax with the Arnold Clark Vauxhall Pre-Reg Pledge

Arnold Clark Vauxhall branches pre-register cars before April 1st to keep your road tax costs down.

Our pre-reg pledge

Our pre-reg pledge

The Pre-Reg Pledge

You may have recently learned that the government have decided to change the way in which road tax charges are calculated. Ultimately, this means that many of us may end up paying more per year for our cars if they are registered after April 1st 2017. For example, under the previous system, a 1.4 Vauxhall Corsa SRi would have cost only £30 per year. However, under the new system this would become an annual charge of £160 for the same car.

Arnold Clark Vauxhall branches have decided to roll back the road tax clock with the Pre-Reg Pledge. By registering a selection of brand-new Vauxhalls before April 1st they now have a stock of shiny 17 plates with savings ready to pass on to customers.

How much will I save?

The amount you could potentially save will depend on your new Vauxhall of choice, the road tax band it falls within and how long you keep it for. For example, if you decide to take home the 1.4 Vauxhall Corsa SRi and opt for finance over four years, you could save £460 with the Pre-Reg Pledge.

Are these savings permanent?

Unfortunately, these savings will only last as long as our limited stock of pre-registered 17 plate Vauxhalls do, so the window of opportunity is narrow.

Arnold Clark Vauxhall Franchise Manager, David Boyd, is delighted to pass these savings back to customers and said: ‘We want to make sure our new cars are as inexpensive as possible for longer. By pre-registering a quantity of our new Vauxhall stock before April 1st we are thrilled to be able to continue offering the best prices on new Vauxhalls in the UK, bar none.’

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