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Key features of Vauxhall OnStar

This exciting new in-car technology will be pioneered in the UK this summer. We take a look at the features that drivers can enjoy.

Vauxhall OnStar will be pioneered in the UK

Vauxhall OnStar will be pioneered in the UK

This summer, Vauxhall will pioneer the use of the OnStar system in the UK. This exciting new in-car technology includes emergency response notifications, vehicle recovery and a high-speed 4G Wi-Fi connection.

OnStar will be available free to Vauxhall customers for their first year, so we’ve had a look at some of its defining features to see what it can bring to your motoring experience.

The first all-new Vauxhall to get OnStar will be the British-built Astra, which arrives in UK showrooms in October.

Stay connected with Wi-Fi

It would seem the future is finally here – OnStar brings a 4G hotspot into your car, offering a similar level of connectivity for your passengers as a home hub. Accessed via the roof antenna, the technology means that up to seven devices can be used at any one time to access Wi-Fi within your vehicle – a boon for any driver who uses Google Maps to navigate or streams music while they drive.

Life-preserving technology

If the worst should happen and you’re in a crash, an OnStar advisor will get in touch with you via the hands-free speakerphone in your dashboard. It’s activated automatically as soon an airbag is deployed, and will report your location to the emergency services.

Theft assistance

If your car is stolen, OnStar will provide police with the requisite information to ensure your car is tracked, traced and recovered. There’s even a remote ignition block that prevents the vehicle starting as soon as it has been reported as stolen.

Diagnostics delivered

Every month, users will receive an email with updates on all their current vehicle information. You can also retrieve a diagnostics check before you leave, meaning you can get on with longer journeys without worrying about your fuel or oil levels.

Smartphone, smarter car

There are so many ways in which Onstar’s users can stay connected. With your smartphone, you can connect to your car remotely and monitor its status, whether it’s to remotely lock the car, review your tyre pressure or update the sat-nav system with new destinations.

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