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Madonna and her cars: Music videos vs real life

Madonna has had some stunning cars featured in her videos, here we take a look at how they compare to what she drives in real life.

Madonna in her 'Music' video

Madonna in her 'Music' video

Queen of pop, Material Girl, the Blonde Ambition - Madonna has many names, and even more cars! We decided to make a list of her personal cars, and put them against the cars in her videos. Exciting!

Chevrolet Camaro in 'What it feels like for a girl' vs. BMW 7-Series in real life


In the video, Madonna revved the Camaro's engine and crashed into other cars ruthlessly. Pedal to the metal with her high heels, she even scratches a police car, while looking at the police officer's eyes! After abandoning the Chevvy at a gas station, she hops into a Pontiac Firebird. Both cars look, and feel similar, however the BMW 7 is a whole different story. It's very high end, agile and luxurious. Lets just hope Madonna is more responsible when driving in real life!

Ford Thunderbird in 'True Blue' vs Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX


Madonna looks so innocent in the 'True Blue' video; driving her car with her girlfriends it is hard to believe it's actually her! The Ford Thunderbird 1957 is also in very romantic colours and completes the video's 50s theme. The Phantom is a very modern car and it's an experiment, no wonder Madonna loves it! It was specifically manufactured to show the public that a luxury car could be an electric one too. What's the catch? This model was only alive for 12 months and Madonna just rented it for a while as the company did not produce any consumer cars.

Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo in 'Music' vs. Maybach Super Limousine in real life


By Simon Davison from Los Gatos, United States (IMG_4071) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 'Music' video is wild, colourful and animated. The Lincoln limo is a classic and naturally, spacious enough to fit Madonna and all of her girlfriends. Ali G is his usual hilarious self. What more can you ask for ? No wonder the video won so many awards. Her Maybach limo in real life, on the other hand, is very modern and luxurious beyond belief. We wonder what crazy escapades have happened in this limo!

Mini Cooper - in lyrics and in real life

No joke, Madonna who is worth well over 1 billion dollars loves driving a MINI Cooper! And she even sings about it: 'I drive my Mini Cooper / And I'm feeling super dooper'. No wonder, the MINI is great! Apparently Madonna thinks that art imitates life and she has proclaimed her love for the MINI by purchasing and driving one herself - in bright red… And in black… And in dark blue. Well, why not?

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