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customise your finance quote to suit your budget

Customise your finance quote to suit your budget. Choose your finance type, deposit, term and annual mileage allowance.


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PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

PCP is perfect for drivers who:

  • Want lower monthly payments;

  • Might want to change their car at the end of their agreement;
  • And can estimate their annual mileage.

At the end of the agreement you have a few options:

  • Hand the car back
  • Pay an optional final payment and keep the car

  • If your car is worth more than the final payment, you can trade it in and use the excess towards a deposit on your next car.
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PCH (Personal Contract Hire)

PCH benefits drivers who:

  • Want lower monthly payments;
  • Don’t want to own the car at the end of their agreement;
  • And don’t want to change their car during the agreed term.

At the end of the agreement:

  • You won’t have a larger payment to own the vehicle.
  • You can simply hand the car back and order a new car.

HP (Hire Purchase)

HP is ideal for drivers who:

  • Want to own their car outright at the end of the agreement;

  • And cover a lot of miles.

At the end of the agreement:

  • You won’t have a larger final payment.
  • When you’ve made all of the monthly payments, the car is yours.
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Frequently asked questions

What do you need to finance a car?

You simply need your debit or credit card (to pay the initial deposit) and your driving licence, as a form of identification.

I’m in negative equity with my current car – can I still get finance?

We can help you to work out the ideal time to change your car – pop into a branch and speak to one of our product consultants. Some of our lenders may be willing to underwrite this type of finance, either as an unsecured personal loan or a hybrid finance arrangement, where the car is on a secured agreement but the negative equity on a personal loan.

Can I still get finance with a bad/poor credit rating?

That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to arrange a finance deal with us. We work with more than 20 lenders to find the right finance package. Just let us know if you know you have a poor credit score, and we will try to match you with the most appropriate lender. Speak to one of our product consultants for more information.

What is PCP?

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments. At the end of your payments, a final larger payment remains. You can either pay this to keep the car, part-exchange for a new car, or hand the car back.

What is PCH?

You take control of the car for a contractual period and make fixed monthly payments. When the contract expires, you return the car, or take out a contract on a new one.

What is HP?

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments which are set by you. Once the final payment is made, the HP contract ends and you own the car.