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Why choose Arnold Clark
for your EV service?

With an Arnold Clark Service or MOT, you get more. As well as fantastic service, you’ll also enjoy all these extras – absolutely free:

Pick-up and return service

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How do I service
my electric car?

How different is electric vehicle servicing?

Electric vehicles share lots of similarities with diesel and petrol cars – they all have brakes, tyres, suspension, lights and electrics.

But there are a couple of differences. Electric vehicles contain a motor and a battery pack, rather than engines with a complex system of moving parts from pistons and gears, to valves and drive belts.

How often do I need to service my electric vehicle?

Service intervals for electric cars can differ, but you may find that you don’t need to service your electric vehicle as often.

For specific information about your car’s service intervals, check with your manufacturer or contact your local Arnold Clark branch.

How long do batteries in electric vehicles last?

Most manufacturers offer a 3-8 year warranty on electric car batteries, but most batteries last even longer than this. Some are even projected to last up to 20 years.

Which parts of an electric vehicle are checked during servicing?

Your technician will check all of the areas you’d expect during your service, including your brakes, tyres, suspension, lights and electrics.

But an electric vehicle service will include checks of electric motor(s), the battery pack and the high-voltage cabling, too.

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How much does electric vehicle servicing cost?

At Arnold Clark, you can have your electric vehicle serviced from £120! You can also save more when you buy your electric car from us, by choosing one of our fantastic Service Plans.

Where can I get my
electric car serviced?

At Arnold Clark. Contact your local Arnold Clark Service department to book your electric vehicle service.

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